Monday, January 27, 2014

January Happenings and Budsies, a Unique Gift Idea

Yes it is January 26th, this month has flown. I started working 3 days a week full time beginning of this month and haven't had much down time inbetween. It has been one busy month! We had a great New Years down in Temecula and have had some action packed weekends in between.

One thing I did want to share is what Claire got for Christmas. If you have never heard of Budsies, they bring your children's artwork to life. It is such a unique gift idea for your kids, friends, etc...if you feel you are ever in a gift rut, I highly suggest you try them out!

 Claire always makes me draw a dog for her when we sit down to color. I am a horrific artist but since she is still trying to master the art of drawing a circle, I went ahead and submitted my gorgeous 'artwork' to Budsides and what they sent back was amazing. I was really impressed how close it was to my original drawing. Claire was so happy she now sleeps with the dog and gives it kisses. Once the kids get older I cannot wait to submit more drawings of their own! What a great way to create memories!

Below are some of our January highlights I included some pics from Temecula as well. I haven't taken too many pictures this month.  But plan to hopefully in February.

I will have an update on a juice cleanse I recently did by Urban Remedy. Details to come....Hope your first month of 2014 was great!

Claire petting her new Budsies doggie



My amazing creation! 

The cousins enjoying a run in Temecula

Tom is feeling out Claire's princess heels

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from my Family to Yours

Photos by Scott Campbell Photography (this years xmas card)

From our family to yours, I hope you have an excellent Christmas and Happy New Year. We are gearing up for a fun one. This year it is just us 4 for Christmas Eve then my husband's parents are coming out for Christmas Day. We also get our annual date day and movie at Yardhouse on the 28th, to scarf up their holiday beers and relax. We intend to see some friends who are in town as well. Then we are off to Temecula to wine taste and relax at a house we rented. We will be joined by my sister in law and her husband and daughter Olivia. Finally I think they are at the same age where they can play together. So that should be really fun to watch.

Hopefully when we return there will be a major snowstorm so Claire can start some ski lessons. Any fun plans this week? Thanks to all who keep following along on my blog, I know I have been absent here and there as work was piling up. Ill just say my New Years resolution is to keep this going!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fitness Equipment to Help you Through the Holidays

So I have been super diligent about exercising and eating right (most of the time). Since this past summer I have lost about 5lbs and am slowly moving towards my goal. I decided to up the anty by joining the 6 month Transformation Diet on Basically you pay about $20 a month for 6 months. Whoever hits their goal at the end of 6 months wins a part of the pot. Right now my pot is at about $100k! Holy crap right?

Now there are monthly bets too if you just want to lose a small amount of weight. I want to lose 15lbs so I think that this will really help me hit that goal. I am already denying myself those extra wine calories during the week because of this bet.

Looking back I started to lose weight faster by giving up my hard core cardio routines. I am a cardio junkie and tend to gravitate towards kick-your-butt workouts that make you sweat a lot. Back in October I committed myself to going to The Bar Method 3-4 days a week and spend those two other days doing some sort of interval training. Now don't get me wrong The Bar Method kicks my butt big time but it is different. I find it harder obviously to participate in a class then it is doing a video at home mainly because I try to push myself as hard as others do in class. My legs shake and hurt so much during thigh work I have to stop for a second for fear my legs will give out. I have noticed some fabulous changes in my body. My stomach is much more flat and strong, I am seeing definition in my arms, and my legs have gotten smaller. All while not leaving class dripping in sweat. Its is a nice change and its great to change things up a bit.

With that said I will not be able to do much exercise through next week until New Years as we are going to Temecula with my husbands family. I do however have some ideas to do some quick moves here and there to hopefully keep my abs strong enough and my body feeling ok so I don't die when I return to class.

Here are some of my favorites, and wants:

1. I love doing abs on the Bar Method mat. There is something about the cushion that makes me really be able to focus on holding my abs in. Will be great to do along with the video.

2. A kettlebell. I love using these, they make you entirely out of breath and really help work your core. Here is a good routine: KettleBell Routine

3. Exercise Bands. I used these in a recent HIIT class and oh my lord did my legs and arms burn. Here is a good routine using the bands: Exercise Band Routine

4. And finally the Fit Bit Flex. I have this on my Christmas wish list and I really hope I get one. I love this because it tracks your sleep and calorie expenditure. I honestly don't think I get many nights of good sleep so it will be interesting to analyze and try to fix.

I hope everyone is excited for the holidays, I cannot believe it is next week! Are there any other at home devices you use to help keep your fitness on track through the holidays?
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