Monday, May 21, 2012

The Magical World of Photography

I bought myself a Canon DSLR camera when Claire was born. I had no idea how to use the additional features on my camera. Not until I took a DSLR workshop this past Saturday at Creative Digital Workshops.

I learned the three main components of photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Simply put Aperture is the size of the hole in the lens and helps with depth of field, Shutter Speed is how long the lens hole is open and is useful in sports or slowing motion down, and ISO is used to help with the lighting, as if you are indoors or outdoors and similar to the old days of film.

I have practiced a little and am starting to figure how to mix all three elements together. I also have realized that the lens that came with my camera is not good for the types of shots I want to take such as this gorgeous shot by our baby photographer Aaryn James Photography

You see how the background is beautifully lit but blurred and Claire pops out of the picture? My current lens doesn't even come close to making Claire pop out of the picture. I learned I need a lens that starts at a 1.4 aperture. My current lens starts at a 5.6

Here is a link to the lens in all its glory: Amazon

For a great and basic tutorial see the three lessons on Camille Styles

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