Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maternity Clothing Woes

The one thing I really dislike about being pregnant is having to spend money on maternity clothes. Especially when I am not working and trying to save money for real everyday clothing and living expenses.

I try to wear my sweats as long as I can but I can't much go out of the house every day in sweats. Hence the investment in maternity wear. This time I'm pregnant in an opposite season than I was with Claire. The good news is summer is great for flowy clothing. My maternity jeans barely fit by the end of my last pregnancy so its nice to know I can keep cool in skirts and dresses.

I recently read on Lil Sugar that Rosie Pope, a high end maternity designer, is coming out with a collection for a Pea in the Pod. This is great news. I am not sure when its set to launch but if in time I will be purchasing an outfit or two. Until then here are some good finds I found recently.

Gap Pure Body T-Shirt (got one in multiple colors)

Gap Demi panel broken-in straight khakis (I purchased in bright green)

Gap Demi panel cropped pants

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