Monday, May 7, 2012

Pregnancy Exercise Ideas

My goal this pregnancy is to not gain the 45lbs I gained with Claire with the last 10lbs hanging around like a bad hangover. I enjoyed my exercise free months while pregnant with Claire and plan give it my all with exercise this time.

With that said I have continued my regular spin class (at a much lighter level) and have some amazing barre type of workout videos I must recommend for all you pregnant and non pregnant friends.

Physique 57 is a fabulous full body workout that literally kicks my butt when not pregnant. You can be in the best shape and do this video and want to die. I have both versions and do them a few times a week. I skip the ab portion or do a very modified version of them.

The Bar Method has an incredible pregnancy workout that is good to do when I am bigger or want to take it a little easier.

Some of my favorite workout gear pregnant or not is by Lululemon. Below are some of the items I am currently loving!

Lululemon Tame Me Tank

Lululemon Power Dance Tank

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