Friday, May 11, 2012

Stella and Dot Fridays

yay Stella and Dot Fridays! :) I am still trying to get off the ground with this new business and I am pretty excited for the potential. Plus I am a sucker for amazing costume jewelery. I wanted to take a day where I highlight some items I love from the product line.

The great thing about this business so far is that there are not any quotas and you can sort of make it what you want. I personally wanted the jewelery first and foremost and now am finding ways to earn that money back.

I also wanted to use it as an excuse to travel a little bit more to see my friends and host a party for a couple hours then spend the rest of the weekend catching up!

First up is this limited edition Safari Necklace, I think it would look great with a bright colored dress or an all black outfit with a gold purse.

 My next favorite that I just ordered is the Midnight necklace, the top one. It looks fabulous with the other two if you wanted to do a delicate anytime look. I personally will wear it on days where I am running errands or going to a casual lunch.

The Lindsay Stack are great bracelets for summer. You can wear one alone with a watch and other bracelets or you can stack them together. Perfect for a day at the pool or on vacation!

And finally, I have seen this type of bracelet featured in many blogs I follow. Again its a great layering piece. (the black leather bracelet). Something different a traditional jewelery individual may not pick. But it looks great on!

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  1. I want the midnight one and the other two that look so good with it!