Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Boy Room Ideas

It is already June and I seem to forget that I am having a baby in 4 short months. Good lord. I am getting over yet another cold I have caught from my travels...I am so tired of getting sick! Whether I am sick with a cold, the stomach flu, or a sinus infection, it is at these times that I remember  I am pregnant because I cannot take any strong over the counter or prescription medication. Therefore I need to suffer my way through the sniffles, which is no fun and it takes away from my goal of exercising and being productive before I am too big.

I tried to get a little rest this morning after Nik went to work. Claire was on the bed with her sippy cup watching an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club...her favorite. As I was resting my eyes willing this cold to go away BAM! A sippy cup thrown at point blank range right at my temple! Claire thought it was hilarious, I however did not and was in incredible pain and will most likely suffer a huge bruise on my face. But it was Claire's way of saying get off your damn butt and hang out with me.

So as I sit here waiting to go back to sleep when Claire naps (sorry Claire no outside party time today) I have been flipping through Pottery Barn Kids to figure out what I want to do with the baby room. I need to do this room on a budget as I had a full time job when we did Claire's room. Thank goodness its a boy as I don't think he will be as hurt as if we had another girl as in comparing who has what.

I am using my American Express points to purchase a good chunk of the decor off of Pottery Barn Kids. For those of you who do not have an American Express card with rewards I highly recommend it! I often receive enough points for hotels and shopping, such a nice thing to have on hand.

Here are some of my ideas so far on a Nautical Theme for the boys room using Pottery Barn Kids:

Pottery Barn Kids Regatta Nursery Bedding-on Sale!

Lighthouse Complete Lamp-On Sale!

Rustic Oars - On Sale!

Personalized Sailboat- On Sale!

Buoys- On Sale!

Rugby Blackout Panel

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