Thursday, June 21, 2012

East Coast Prep Boy Style Anyone?

While I haven't really begun to plan for this new baby yet (where is the time going). I did peruse through some online boys fashions. Granted there are not as many great selections and styles as for little girls. However, I did decide what kind of baby/toddler fashion icon he will be until he grows up and wants to wear bedazzled Jersey Shore douche shirts (I hope not). A little East Coast Prep anyone?

I guess the good thing about having a boy is that I don't need as many outfits as I do for a little girl, and hopefully I will save some money that way. While I most likely will not buy all Ralph Lauren or Janie and Jack, some items are just way too cute to pass up. Who wants to go sailing after our polo match? This little boy does!


Ralph Lauren Aviation Bear Sweater

Boys V-Neck Cardigan

Bernie EZ Sneaker
Embroidered Sailing Shorts
Sailing Belted Short
Button Tab Plaid Shirt
Plaid Cap


  1. these clothes are adorable! my sister is expecting soon and we have had so much fun picking out clothes for her little girls! Congrats! Thanks so much for entering my Coral Necklace giveaway! I really appreciate the support!


    1. Thanks Mary! Shopping for little girls is so much fun, boys has been a little different though :) and thanks I love those necklaces, your blog is fantastic, happy to support you. Thanks for looking at my blog!