Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Etsy Finds

I am a huge Etsy fan. I am constantly searching for new and fun items to collect. I have found some amazing pieces of jewelry, baby clothing and items, and wall art all from this incredible site. I thought I would start to highlight some of my finds here so you too can enjoy some cool items.

So to get started I must confess that I have a huge tote bag obsession. Instead of buying diaper bags with a million compartments I tend to buy cheap tote bags at Target and throw everything inside. Disorganized yes, but I cannot resist them. So when I saw this shop I naturally drooled at everything in the store. Not to mention I love these dorky yet fun catch phrases. I fell even deeper when I saw they do baby onsies and tee shirts. Not sure what I will purchase first.

I mean this is just a natural fit

Clever one

Maybe I will get this one for Thomas
For the natural Party Animal baby

 You can find these items at this fabulous Etsy shop: Pamela Fugate Designs

Another new find I discovered was due to my annoyance of frantically looking for paper and writing notes on old bills or envelopes. This store is called Happy Hound.

What I love about this paper is that you can monogram or have your name written on

Even though Lily is driving me up the roof lately I thought this was nice.

Reminds me of the Beach. (duh really)


  1. These are too funny!

    Courtney (your newest follower)

    1. Thanks Courtney! Etsy has the most random stuff but its awesome. Your blog is great btw!

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    1. Thanks CJ. I am glad you enjoy the blog so far :) I will check out the site!!