Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day Brunch Outfit

It was hot hot hot here this past weekend. It topped 109 on Sunday and I could not stand outside for more than a minute without being instantly miserable. Have I mentioned I hate hot weather? Well I also hate hot oppressive weather. :)

Alas it was Father's Day and we had to do something fun for Nik so we went to a big brunch early enough before the heat got intense. In the last week I have put on 4lbs and have really noticed my stomach growing. This has also been the beginning of some common aches and pains that go along with getting bigger in pregnancy. Only 3 months to go! Well more like 3.5 months, but I will round down to make myself feel better.

With that said the day before our brunch I got my hair done and went into this really cute affordable boutique next door. Ironically it is called "The Boutique" in Clovis, Ca but everything in there was beautiful and most items were under $50! I love how the style for tops and dresses right now is free flowing materials. It's perfect for someone who hates shopping for maternity clothes. I ended up leaving with a red maxi skirt and this dress for $78 total! The dress was $31 dollars. Fabulous! The material is super soft. The trick for buying regular flowing clothes (dresses, skirts) that work for maternity is to go a size larger so you can grow into it. The clothing will fit right after pregnancy and if you love the item so you can always get it tailored. At least that's my plan.

When Claire doesn't want me to pick her up lately shes been putting her arms straight above her head so I can't get a good grasp. Sneaky little thing. Here I am yet again shocked she's doing this.

That's a little better, she's up

I give up, here is the dress though

 Ok here is a new way to hold her, she was laughing. done.

Claire and her Daddy

Ok the family

Dress: FreeLoader (couldn't find online but this is similar) Maxi dress, Sunglasses old Tory Burch, similar here: Tory, Necklace: Stella and Dot, Sandals I got at TJ Maxx for $12, I don't recall the brand but I just got last week.


  1. Love the dress and am loving the necklace even more. After we get condo stuff done I need to make some jewelry purchases from you:)