Monday, June 25, 2012

Healthy Eating Much?

Just getting back from a fantabulous weekend in San Diego visiting my sister, my sister and brother in law and their adorable 20 month old daughter. We had a lot of cousin time. I would like to say the girls played nice with each other but they are more at the stage at giving dirty looks and taking each others toys away. But cute nonetheless.

The girls going for a stroll with Aerial

Here they are together

While I was in San Diego I found something new I want to try to get into....Juicing! Do you ever go to the store buy a lot of produce and then during week are so blah about eating it? That happens to me A LOT in general and now that much more now that I am pregnant. Vegetables and anything nutritious sounds gross (hence making lemon bars). I am also a huge snacker and can be too lazy to prep anything good to eat. I am a lot of talk about wanting to eat healthy but I don't really fully act on it.

My sister in law is so good about being healthy. She has more willpower than myself at giving up certain foods so I commend her on that. She's also getting her yoga teaching credentials and taught a class for me and it was great! After yoga and in the morning she would make me a juice of vegetables and fruit. It had Kale, Celery, lemon, ginger, apples, cucumber. Sounds a little gross but it was amazing. I could have downed like 3 glasses. Tasted like lemonade to me, plus was so healthy.

She has also lost a good amount of weight and looks fabulous. Not that I can diet now but the juicing alone I felt healthier. Getting those vitamins I was missing by throwing away vegetables and fruit i didn't want to eat felt great.

For those interested in juicing here is the juicer they used:

Breville ikon Juicer

Here is the diet she follows, its really not all that strict if you read through. I have found that low carb and low calorie diets tend to be harder. I cannot wait to follow this book after I am done being pregnant.

The Raw Food Detox Diet

I must note that the best part about the book is that I wouldn't have to give up my wine. woo hoo! Cheers!

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