Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lemon Bars of Love

I love Pinterest. I am sure many women will tell you they love Pinterest. Whenever I have free time I just pin away to get ideas for decorating, DIY projects, and outfits. I also pin food. Well made food. Of  all the DIY projects and recipes I pin I have never actually tried one. Not until yesterday. I decided to try a pin recipe that wasn't  bake right out the box.

To give you some background I hate cooking. I mainly hate it because it always tastes better to me when someone else makes the food, but I also hate cleaning up the mess. I am a very messy cook. I seem to get crap everywhere, the floor, top of the pugs heads, the counters, my clothing, you name I'm lazy.

I made a caramel brownie for Nik for his birthday last year and followed the directions yet the baking pan overflowed and got all over the bottom of the oven and smelled like burnt caramel for days. That was the last time I attempted to make something from scratch.

I saw this on Pinterest and started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. This is how many of my baking items turn out:
Craft Fail
 I love Lemon bars so I decided that is what I was going to attempt to make. I found a lovely blog post with some great shots of my dream lemon bars here: A Muse in My Kitchen and was going to mimic and share. The recipe is actually Ina Garten's from the Food Network.

Here is how A Muse in My Kitchen's Lemon Bars turned out:

A Muse in My Kitchen

And here are mine:

I took a bite, and was impressed

Oh la la

I have to say I was impressed with my own work! I burnt the edges a little but overall they tasted amazing! Job well done Erin. After I took these photos I turned my back for a minute and turned back around to find Charlie the pug with two lemon bars in his mouth. Arugh. He ate both so we have a fan.

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