Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Talk about Barre

I can honestly say I like most exercise except running. I will try anything once, even running here and there (even though I am miserable throughout). Some of my favorites include Spinning, Weight Training, Bikram Yoga, and my most favorite The Dailey Method.

I discovered The Dailey Method through one of my closest friends. It was down the street from my apartment in San Francisco and I would walk to it almost every day after work in the last year I lived there to attend class. When I did class 4-5 days a week AND ate very healthy, keyword and....I noticed an immediate difference in how strong and toned I was becoming. It also helped me lose some weight.(as a side note I never lose weight if I just exercise and not diet in some form. In my 20's I was able to do this but not anymore.)

Barre class makes me happy. While there are no studios out here I decided to improvise and have begun my collection of DVD's to do not only while pregnant (minus the ab work) but also to continue after the second baby comes. I won't be able to step out of the house to workout as much in the first few months because I am having him during cold and flu season so don't want to put him in the gym daycare. I can however dedicate myself to mixing up these dvd's as if I were in a studio. No same class everyday!

I have highlighted the videos I currently own and ones that are on my wishlist!

The Dailey Method 
Physique 57 I have both series, these will kick your butt big time.

The Bar Method I have the Prenatal video and its fabulous
Ballet Body I just found her and I really like her demos
Pop Physique a friend told me about them and it looks good

Xtend Barre Sister in law used to go to the studio

Pure Barre I just like how many dvd's there are!
Health Mark Portable Ballet Barre Finally you can't go wrong with a portable barre
Am I missing any??

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