Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty Favorites...Lush Cosmetics

I have been a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics since living in San Francisco. I don't typically go out to find natural beauty products so the fact that everything is natural is a huge bonus. I use them because they work and last forever!

There is a Lush in Carmel where my parents live and every time I go to visit them I drag everyone to the store. I spend a good amount of time talking with the Lush employees and sampling products that I end up with missing parents and a disgruntled husband who clearly wants to leave. Not the most relaxing but at least I get my fix. Below I have highlighted several of my favorite products.

The Honey Trap Lip Balm is by far the best lip balm out there. I tend to have dry chapped lips and if I were placed on a desert island with one beauty product this would be it. It really fixes even the worst chapped lips and smells great.

Marilyn Hair Treatment I highlight my hair and now that it is longer it tends to dry out easily. I find that when I use this hair mask my hair is more soft and tolerable. You put it on 20 minutes before you shower.

Karma Kreme Body Lotion is my favorite body lotion. I apply it once and it will keep my skin moisturized all day. The clean citrus scent is an added bonus.

Skin's Shangri La is a heavy duty moisturizer. I have pretty dry skin and I can always tell when I am not using Lush moisturizers. The cost is about $50 but you only need a dime's worth for each use. I personally like heavy moisturizers and find that this works fantastic with my skin and make up.

Skin Drink is another moisturizer favorite. It doesn't have the hefty price tag of the Shangri La but I find it does the same job and is a little lighter. Good when you are on a beauty budget.

Flying Fox Shower Gel This is a particular favorite mainly because it lasts so long. I purchased a 16.9oz bottle first week of April and I still have some left in mid June. A little goes a long way and the scent of jasmine and ylang ylang is fabulous.

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Hair Treatments
$22 -

Flying Fox
$9.95 -

Skin Drink - Lush
$23 -

Karma Kream - Lush
$28 -

Skin's Shangri La - Lush
$50 -

Honey Trap
$6.95 -

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