Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sock Bun Tutorial

Well the official doctor results are in, I have bronchitis as I suspected. I had to go on a nebulizer treatment (breathing treatment) in the office because I wasn't getting much oxygen. And yet another round of stronger antibiotics. Hope this set works because I feel awful. So the last few days I have been laying around the house due to being totally out of breath and was remembering how I had once seen pictures of a Sock Bun and thought I would find myself one on my trip to Walgreens.

If you are like me and have hair that doesn't naturally lay straight or perfect without styling you want some sort of short cut so your hair looks presentable with minimum effort. I hate blow drying my hair every day and I usually pull my hair back into a bun. I did this a lot when I was working so I could get extra sleep, bad I know. So I purchased one of these sock bun kits to see if I could make it work for me and my thin hair. I was actually impressed with the results, well worth the $4 dollar price tag. Below are some pics from my practice session and results. You can get yourself one of these bad boys here: Conair Bun Maker

 This is what my hair normally looks like when I pull it up into a bun:

Here is the magic sock bun holder, just make a ponytail and move the holder up to the top of the ponytail:

Next you want to take partial parts of hair and sort of wrap and tuck around the brown mesh and hold with a bobby pin:

Keep wrapping your hair around the brown bun holder with pins:

Finally just sort of fiddle with it to get the hair to cover the entire sock bun:

Clearly I need to practice to get it more smooth, but you get the gist:

Ta DA!


  1. that is pretty cool. i was curious about that, so now this lazy lady is gonna invest that $4!

  2. It looks cute, and makes you look like you have a lot of hair!