Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Beach Goods

I will be the first to admit I don't much like summer. Although I did like summer in San Francisco but that was mainly because it was cold. I like wearing layers and having comfortable cool temperatures. I am back in the hot central valley and well I have decided to embrace it as much as I can. In honor of it reaching highs of 106 degrees this weekend I wanted to show off some bathing suit and towel ideas.

Bathing suits and I do not mix well.  I hate trying them on, wearing them, and finding one that doesn't make me look more fair skinned than I already am. I have only invested a good amount of money in a couple suits and the rest I try to find at bargain bottom prices so I don't have to pay for something I hate.

But in all my searches at Old Navy and Target, while I find something that will just do for the season, I never really find a suit that is as flattering as a J Crew swimsuit. There is something to be said in investing a little more money in a good quality swim suit. You may kick and scream but J Crew suits are timeless and actually can be flattering! Plus they last years! Here are some of the suits I am loving right now that cover in all the right areas.

Jcrew Swimwear

What goes well with swimwear? Cool beach towels! I found several on Zappos that are really cute and unique. They had tons but here are a couple of my favorites.

From Left top to right here they are: Vogue Archives, Vera Bradley, Mademoiselle Towel, Lacoste Anchor

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