Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Gyms, Yay or Nay?

Speaking of gym time have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought no that's not me, then right after thought omg that is me! I had that feeling last night and not in a good way. Diet starts this fall and don't worry I get that I am pregnant, I just looked really swollen.:)

Anyways enough about me. I have been pretty diligent about Claire and social activities since she was really little but its getting really hard as I get bigger. But despite my best efforts Claire has developed a pretty bad case of seperation anxiety and refuses to be apart from me. Flattering yes, functional not so much. Here is an example, I went to a get together and they were trying to get the little kids together for a Xmas in July photograph. I am the one in the corner with the child smooshing her face in my dress wanting me to pick her back up again after I plopped her down. Hence only adult in picture.

Ok no for reals onto baby gyms. They are pretty popular here and as they are chains I am assuming popular in most cities in the US. I have tried three gyms so far and wanted to share my thoughts for anyone looking into a baby gym.

Baby Gym #1

First up is The Little Gym, I started going here when Claire was 4 months old. I mainly went so I could get out of the house and see if Claire had any interest in interacting with others. The teacher was super sweet and you could tell really liked her job. They have programs divided by different age appropriate groups and we were obviously in the youngest one.

The session started with some songs and warm ups (aka lifting Claire's arms and stretching her legs) it was pretty hard for me to keep a straight face as I found it hilarious. It consisted in a lot of skills done in circle time. With one practice skill, whether balancing on the beam, hanging on the bar, or playing with some balls. The entire time was coordinated with little free time. I stopped coming when another baby gym opened up closer to our house. Overall I liked the program and it was easy to lift Claire up and dance around with her.

Baby Gym #2

Our next baby gym we joined was My Gym.  We started this program when Claire was a little under a year and already I liked it better. While The Little Gym was good for interacting and learning, I thought My Gym had so many more fun gadgets and toys. Again you started with some warm ups and circle time but instead of doing this to children's music with the Little Gym we did this to pop songs. Nothing like listening to Britney Spears doing Claire's warm up. I wonder if they do that for the parents.

After circle time the entire class was made so the kids could explore and play with toys, slides, and a ball bin. At different intervals in class they would bring out swings, and skills for the children to try out. The best part was the separation time where kids play with toys and parents step back....Claire never went looking for us. lol Then you would finish with a story and a goodbye song. I still sing the clean up song to Claire.

We stopped going though because Claire started to cry when it was time for her to do a skill and the only thing she wanted to do was walk up and down the slide. Time to change things up. I am hoping to come back in the fall.

Baby Gym #3

Finally I am doing a tumbling session with Claire at Tumble America. I can't say too much about this program yet as I only went to one session but they take this tumbling thing a lot more seriously than the other gyms. Obviously in the title you can see its mainly gymnastics. Claire is dealing with major separation anxiety so it was hard to get her to do some of the exercises. Plus the other kids in the class are almost 2 and way more advanced in learning and tumbling.

The class starts again in a circle with some learning and singing. Then you move onto a few obstacle courses. It's great but I am way too pregnant to be getting on a trampoline with Claire and lifting her constantly. I actually hurt my back yesterday and now still don't feel great. They do give the kids stars for items they master then they move onto the next level. It's very organized which I like. I am however moving this class to Saturday so Nik can do it with her as it's too much and probably not healthy for me.

There you have it, all worth trying out, but my favorite thus far is My Gym. I hope you find this information helpful if you are looking to join a baby gym! I am going to take a backseat to some of these social baby get togethers as I walk out a sweaty and I mean sweaty tired pregnant mess.


  1. New follower from MBC -- cute blog! I'm a huge Gymboree fan here. With a wild 2 year old, I love how they incorporate movement and music as well as social interaction among kiddos his own age! I've been to a My Gym before for a birthday party and would love to go there, but Gymboree is closer for us! :)

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    1. Hi there. Thanks! We don't have a Gymboree here but I have heard great things about it! I will check out your site thanks for stopping by!


  2. We went to The Little Gym for a while and loved it! They're pretty pricey, though...

    I'm SO happy that you linked up with the Mommy-Brain Mixer, friend! I hope to see you again next week! :)

    1. Little Gym and My Gym are pricey, that's why I kept moving around so I would get an introductory rate :) Yes I am glad you found me for the connect, its really cool so thank you!

  3. We love Little Gym! In fact, you reminded me to enroll today. Ha!

    Stopping by from TTWFI hop! Love for you to stop by and return the follow. I am hosting Mom's MOnday Mingle now. Love for you to link up!

    1. ha well then great! Sounds good I will def check it out and follow!