Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Claire's Favorite Things (17 months)

We are back from a nice time up in Walnut Creek visiting friends. Even though we didn't do much it took me two days to recover! Funny how vacations can do that to you. Between this trip and our trip to San Diego I have some ideas on some new learning toys for Claire.

Claire just won't play with any toy, shes rather picky that way, but I suppose most kids are. We have foam blocks that sat in our office for a few months and most recently Claire has decided to take these foam blocks and build mini block cities all over our house. ALL OVER. It takes me a while to corral them all up and put back in their box only to find them all over the house again, I should just give up on the dream of a clutter free house.  Here is Claire hard at work building a block city on top of lily's dog crate:

Deciding what blocks will work in this city


Do I put the purple block here or on the other side

I just don't know

So with Claire's obsession with stacking, sorting, re-stacking and building block cities I not only recommend any stacking toy to any 16-18 (who knows how much longer) month old, but also I have a couple items on my want list. Anything to distract Claire from accosting me with the ipad screaming "icky" or hitting me in the face with the tv remote to watch Mickey Mouse Club is a good thing (although for anyone nervous on flying with a toddler, for us MMC worked like a charm on the ipad, commence baby zone out).

Claire's Wants

I threw in the table with two chairs only because Claire is getting old enough to use one, and I imagine her and Tom playing nicely and eating turkey sandwiches. Although I may not be as lucky. I found all these items on Diapers.com, again my favorite site to shop from for babies.


  1. Those toys are super cute! My little guy is 14 months, and I've been noticing him trying to stack lately. Love it! I'm hosting a blog hop today called the Mommy-Brain Mixer, and I'd LOVE for you to come link up this post! It would be so fun to have you! http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com/2012/07/introducing-thursday-mommy-brain-mixer.html

    1. Hi Cassie, Thanks for the note! Sounds good on the blog hop, I will check it out. Feel free to follow my blog if interested as well.