Friday, July 20, 2012

Exhausted, Lazy, Shopping on Etsy

I wish I had a huge story of how fun filled and busy my week has been but I don't, instead I was so lazy and exhausted I did a whole lotta nothing. If I had one of these I would take it with me room to room so I could relax that much more.

Brookstone Bean Bag
Funny thing is I went to look at how much it was and its sold out! Others must have the same idea as myself.

Anyways, I have officially retired from my spin class. I made it to 28 weeks aka 7 months pregnant. I sort of did it to see how long I could last as I have had spin instructors in the past go until the day they had their babies and I was determined to make it that long. While the music was great and I go at a slow pace and feel fantastic after having sweat out all my pregnancy related water retention, the weight of my stomach caused stitches in my side and I just looked at the clock to see when the torture was over. So I am throwing in the towel and headed to more easy, relaxing exercises.

With my exhaustion and extra time now that I am not spinning (like it takes up a lot of time ha) I found myself searching around Etsy once again and have found some awesome items I have either already purchased or plan on getting. Almost the entire baby room is from Etsy, I am obsessed! I am paying people to be crafty for me!

Sailboat Mobile

First up is the mobile I believe I am going to buy. I say believe because there are several that I love from this shop. The shop is called Magical Whimsy Designs.

Owl Lavender Satchel
I love these. They are super cute smell good satchels to put around your house, but in my case in our new car. It's not really new. My parents are nice enough to give us their old SUV while they get a new car because it will easily house 2 kids. The thing about it is that they cart 4 dogs to Carmel every weekend and the car smells like old wet dog. I have a feeling these bad boys will help combat that situation. The store is Visions by Viktoria

Flower Wall Art

Finally for today are some gorgeous flower/chevron wall art pieces. While we are doing the baby room, we are also re doing the guest room and these will look perfect on the wall by the bed. I love that you can mix and match almost any color! I plan on getting 3 to line up along the wall. Most likely next month. The pillows in this boutique are super cute too. The shop is called BedBuggs Boutique.

Hope you enjoy and have a good weekend! I am ready for a nap.


  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower from the Naptime Review blog hop. This is the most amazing seat. It's like a bean bag for grown ups! From Jenny @

  2. oh my lord that thing looks amazing I NEED one!! I have to pin this in the hopes of actually finding that. AMAZING!!

    popping in and following via the monday mingle!!