Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fitness DVD Addiction

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been beyond exhausted lately and while I would love to take Claire to a park in the am, I get a nice sweaty workout just preventing her from running out into the street. Girlfran thinks its hilarious to get me to chase her away from the park, the other kids, and the mom's group I meet up with here and there. Makes it very hard to hold a conversation when I have the runaway bandit on my hands. I thought a slide was fun, but apparently running as far away as possible from me is even more fun.

That being said it's getting harder to chase her around as I get bigger and winded more easily. Our (my) new favorite activity is playing blocks at home in the ac. No runaway bandit.

But while I am on the subject of staying at home in the ac I wanted to share with you a website that I have become obsessed with lately. Or rather was always addicted to Total Fitness DVDs. I started following them last year on YouTube along with many other of my favorites. I have become completely obsessed with workout videos. I have seen such an improvement from the cheesy music and easy workouts of yesteryear.
Granted I cannot do most of them now but I am working on my collection for after the baby. I still plan on spinning my heart out but its so easy to stay at home and pop in a dvd and do a good solid workout. Naturally I am drawn to the ballet/barre type videos but I also love Jackie Warner and her killer weight routines, shes awesome and about as hard as any trainer I used to have back in San Francisco.

The highlight of this website is that you can see tons of clips from the DVD's before you purchase any. I always check this site before I invest in a new DVD. Here are a couple that I currently have my eye on:

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