Friday, July 13, 2012

My Awesome Pregnancy Inspired Nightstand

First of all happy Friday! Hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend. I will be working hard at setting up the baby room and re doing the office. We finally got rid of that ugly green paint that I thought was so amazing until it went on the walls 2 years ago and we replaced with a nice neutral grey. I will do a post about the two rooms and their make overs once they are done!

So I always read my favorite blogs in the morning and a lot of them are these fabulous style blogs of women in their 20's who are very fashionable with amazing home decor sense that I never had.

A favorite post I have found from reading these blogs is of these stylish women's nightstands. Hilarious because I think back to my own. Often you will find these images of fresh flowers, jewelry, a good book, and some pretty sculpture etc...all neatly organized.

Granted I am in my mid 30's (gasp) and am currently 27 weeks pregnant with a little girl who likes to pull stuff off of tables. But I thought I would show you what is typically on my nightstand and make all you ladies jealous.

Here she is complete with unmade bed, Claire and a pug
Ok so I did decorate a little with fake flowers from Michael's, my ring holder, and a lamp.

Notice the box of kleenex? My allergies are out of control and my prime sneezing hours are right before I go to sleep and right when I wake up in the morning. Hence always on hand, as well as chapstick and water.

Then we have my prenatal vitamins and my thyroid medication. As if turning 30 didn't mess with my metabolism enough, it plummeted even further after having Claire turning me hypo-thyroid.

Then we have every pregnant girls dream. A enormous container of extra strength tums. Underneath is my current read "Wheat Belly" to see if cutting wheat will not only get rid of my chronic allergies, but also get rid of my thyroid disorder and heartburn.

There you have it folks! Pretty amazing right :) I found Wheat Belly on Amazon. So far its quite interesting.


  1. Going gluten free has made a HUGE difference in my overall health and allergies. Also, which my be hard while you're prego, cutting back on dairy got me off my daily allergy medicine. I work with a holistic health coach who has really helped me see an improvement in how I feel with a few simple changes. Also, this post is hilarious!

    1. Hey! That is so good to hear. I am desperate my allergies are chronic and worse since moving back home. Interesting on the dairy. That book was really interesting if you haven't read it yet. I am definitely giving up wheat now to see if it has an effect, and then once I am done being pregnant probably will move on to other items. And thanks, I feel like a walking medicine cabinet lol!

  2. Love your humor! New Follower from The Mommy Brain mixer! :)