Friday, July 27, 2012

Sophie the Giraffe...My Partner in Crime

TGIF! At least I am excited for the weekend because I can make my husband lift Claire rather than myself. In my quest to be active with my child this week I pulled a muscle in my lower back and according to the Chiropractor its inflamed and needs to rest. Go me! Therefore when I lift Claire it knocks the breath right out of me. No more baby gym for me for a while.

I wanted to discuss my number one recommended product for babies. Sophie the Giraffe. I am sure most of you have heard about her, she looks more like she should be for dogs than babies. When I first saw her I was like what the heck is this stupid thing? But the ladies at Destination Maternity swore I wouldn't regret it so Sophie came home with me when Claire was about 3 months old.

Claire and Sophie bonded right away. Sophie was always by her side, in her mouth, or thrown across the room. If I left the house without Sophie I knew I was in trouble because at the time it was the only thing that calmed Claire down. You would think they put cat nip in the teething toy. Claire used Sophie daily until she could walk. Now at 18 months old she uses her to squeak again and again in my ear and laughs hilariously when I ask her to please stop.

I love Sophie for young babies but this baby that is due in October is going to get his first hand me down from Claire...Sophie! Let's see if he is as addicted to it as Claire was.

Back when I wasn't pregnant and could enjoy wine (lots and lots of wine my most favorite of hobbies) I thought it would be funny to chronicle some of Sophie's adventures around town, and on short trips. Sophie has been to some magical places.

Here are a couple pictures of Sophie on her worldy adventures:

Here is Sophie enjoying some wine at Frank Family Vineyards in Napa

She can't quite figure out how to take a sip

The Scenery in Napa is just divine

Here is Sophie at Cuvaison Winery in Napa

Just enjoying the winery

Here she is at Elizabeth Spencer Winery in Napa

And again at Swanson Vineyards, Napa

Oh hi Sophie!

Sophie with her buddy on our way to shop

Here is Sophie in my parents yard enjoying the weather

Sophie says "Nice Sunset"

Here is Sophie in Lake Tahoe taking in the sights

Sophie is enjoying a glass of bubbly at the Ritz in Lake Tahoe. She's quite fancy that Sophie

 Here is where you can purchase this amazing teething toy: you won't regret it!

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