Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bringing the Spa Home

It is going to be ridiculously hot here today and for the rest of the week...aiming to get up to 113 by Sunday. We have workers in the backyard assembling our patio so its me, Claire, and two crazy dogs couped up the rest of week in the house so as to not over heat. I have been trying to learn photoshop and all it has to offer and am getting a little better (I will share my progress in an upcoming post) but Claire has decided its fun to crawl on top of the couch and knock all the couch pillows to the ground and then grab our dogs legs. So between learning photoshop I am playing referee trying to get Claire to treat the pugs nicely and stop her from toppling over to her doom. The dogs have no escape either so they are super hyper today. Granted its better than sitting at my desk in an office all day, don't miss that too much.

After the shenanigans I have gone through today I could use a little spa therapy. Unfortunately I don't have anyone on hand to watch Claire while I spend the day at the spa....nor the budget. So I was going through to replenish my bath stock (mainly I get one item at a time) and I decided to share with you some of my favorite bath and body products.  Some of my favorite scents are included in this group so enjoy. I must go rescue Claire as i see her squeezing lotion out of a bottle and licking it ack!


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