Friday, August 3, 2012

Diaper Bags Galore...and 30 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Friday everyone! I am 30 weeks pregnant and officially ready to be done. My motivation to exercise is zilch now so I have been taking some time off mainly because my stomach feels so heavy and I am so out of breath its better to just relax.

I had an ultrasound this week and Tom is about a week and a half or so ahead of schedule. He currently is weighing in at 3.5lbs which is larger than he should be. Go figure. Claire was 9lbs 1oz so I fear the same may be happening with this baby. I have gained about 14lbs so far and am hoping to go no further than 25lbs. Mainly to prevent the blood pressure issues I had with Claire (I gained 40lbs with her and didn't exercise), but also because I couldn't get those last 10lbs off from Claire and I don't need any extra weight added to that final number :).

With that said I decided I want a really nice or a couple diaper bags as my hands will be full! I only own one huge one that isn't so practical. The days of shoving everything into a big tote bag have to come to an end. I need one that I can either wear cross body or strap to the stroller so I don't have to lug around the extra weight. In my search for a diaper bag I was sure was going to be "ugly" I stumbled across some amazing brands that I am looking at like I am searching for a fabulous handbag.

Some of my favorites are as follows:

First up we have the Cosmopolitan Carryall from Cake. What I love about this bag is that the changing pad and wipes case are stored in a separate compartment at the bottom of the bag. No need to dig around forever to gather my things. It also comes with a shoulder strap.

Next up is the Blooming Begonia Organic Satchel by Petunia Pickle Bottom. First of all how chic is this woman. I love the colors on this bag and its half the price of the Cake bag. What is key about this bag is you can wear it as a backpack if you are just too overwhelmed. Nice right?

This bag is really cute. It's also very easy on the wallet. It's by JP Lizzy. What I like about the bag is that its big and comes with many compartments and a changing pad. Only thing is that it doesn't have a shoulder strap. You would have to invest a little extra to buy stroller clips.

This bag is also wallet friendly and cute. It comes with all the compartments and a changing pad but again lacks the should strap to wear cross body. This is by JP Lizzy as well. 

And finally my most favorite bag. The Stevie Diaper Bag by Kate Spade. They have it in different colors and I love them all. What is great about this bag is that it comes with stroller straps AND a cross body strap. Along with changing pad and a million compartments.


  1. Stopping by from the mingle. The Kate Spade bag is lovely. You can't even tell its a diaper bag.

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  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kate Spade bag! My son is 6 weeks old and I can't find a diaper bag I love...until now!!! THANKS for this awesome post!