Monday, August 6, 2012

Journey to Healthy Eating

I love food. Love love love it. However my entire life I feel like I have been chronically on a diet. I did Weight Watchers back in 2002-03 and lost 15lbs and was the fittest and thinnest I have ever been. Weight Watchers works in my opinion if you can dedicate at least 5 days of exercise and sort of pan out of a social life for a few months. By social life I mean happy hour with friends, and dinners/lunches out. Not my ideal life.

What sparked my interest in learning more about nutrition is that once I hit age 30 I noticed I started gaining weight without changing my eating or exercise plan. In fact I was exercising harder and more often than I was when I was thinner. I watched my daily calories and drank much less alcohol. I thought perhaps it was just me getting older.

What I have learned is the type of foods I gravitated towards was making me gain and making it near impossible to take off. (crackers, low fat snacks, yogurts, cereals etc) I toyed with one of the books protocols and noticed I was finally losing weight after I had Claire. I lost about 10lbs in 6 weeks. But then I fell back into old patterns and stayed the same weight for months.

I have definitely not mastered these programs but I know they work. I am not dieting obviously while pregnant but I have been much more conscious of the foods I do eat and I feel better overall.

 The first book and website I highly recommend is Metabolic Effect. Excellent book, their website and blog have been fantastic for tips and learning how hormones make you fat. It leans towards a low carb lifestyle with a cheat day. It also emphasizes weight training.

The second book I recommend is Wheat Belly by William Davis. This goes further into why most carbs are bad for you. Wheat especially. I found this book full of history on the evolution of wheat and it really got me thinking.

While I am not on a diet now, I have for the most part cut wheat but not other carbs out of my diet (way too hard to do now). I do splurge here and there but it's an ongoing process. I am not perfect but I feel that by taking small steps eventually I will learn to cut bad carbs and sugar out of my diet for good. I do plan to fully follow these diet plans (which are very similar) once Thomas is here and document my progress.

Wine however will always be in my diet. :)


  1. Erin, I know exactly what you are talking about. I too am a food lover and I am working right now on trying to eat better and lose is hard but worth it :)

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    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!

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