Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love Monograms

Ok real quick for those who are interested I had my final ultrasound yesterday and the technician told me that the baby is currently weighing in at 7lbs 10oz. I am 37 weeks, or 38ish weeks, who really knows. But I do know that I have like two or so weeks left and this baby is packing on pounds like mad. I know ultrasound weight estimates can be off by like half a pound or whatnot but I feel pretty much the same as I did with Claire and she was right over 9lbs. I guess some people just have large babies. I am hoping to have him late next week, at least that's what I told him, I am ready to be done! So that is my update. Exciting.

Ok so I know there is a huge monogram craze going on right now and I have been sucked right into it along with everyone else. I decided to peruse my favorite site to see if I could find some great well priced monogram items and Etsy did not fail me! Here are some of my favorites, I plan on wearing them all at once. Just kidding, maybe.

First up we have your standard Monogram necklace by PJKdesign.

This necklace is listed for $79.50 and there are multiple items such as monogram bracelets, name necklaces, etc. You can buy this fabulous piece here: PJK Design

Now who doesn't love a good monogram tote bag?

At The Pink Paisley you can create your own tote bag or hats, towels, etc....its a fabulous monogram shop to stop by! You can purchase this fabulous tote bag here: Jute Tote

Now at Livvy Press you can get yourself some monogramed stationary, or thank you cards what have you. This one is my fave:

You can purchase this card here: The Livvy Press

Ok I have saved the best for last, this may be my favorite shop. Who doesn't love a monogramed beer koozie?

At Rouge and Co you can find a ton of cute items from above to iphone cases, ipad cases, gifts etc.. To get yourself a beer koozie look no further than Here

Happy shopping!


  1. I love monograms! That necklace is SO pretty!

  2. Oh and PS that is so exciting!!! My cousin's baby was a little over 9 lbs too - big boy!

  3. hi erin! thanks so much for stopping by from the brain mixer =) its so nice to "meet" you! i followed back. wow, i feel for you, getting towards those end months... congrats on your upcoming little one. how exciting =)