Monday, September 17, 2012

Latest Drugstore Beauty Finds

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I am just counting the days until the new baby is here and resting as much as I can until then.

I wanted to share with you some awesome finds I have come across at the drugstore recently. Ok I lie I actually follow this awesome beauty blog, you can follow here: Make up by Tiffany D . I have learned so much about eyeshadow technique its great and through her is how I cam across these drugstore finds.

Some of her recommendations that I have tried from her I do not like while others I am so glad I purchased, so for me she can be hit or miss. But I headed over to Walgreens and purchased the new Wet and Wild eyeshadow compacts as well as the Revlon ColorStay Shadow sticks for the eyes. You heard me right, Wet and Wild. I haven't bought anything from them since I was maybe in 8th grade. But Tiffany highly recommended them so I thought why not they are like 5 dollars for a palette.

So without further adieu I bring you the selections I made

I have to say the pigment in the Wet and Wild eyeshadow is amazing. I barely touched my make up brush to the color and it transferred over really well. I am fair so sometimes certain shades don't show up on my eyes but these passed the visible test. The palettes come in three or six colors.

As for the Revlon shade sticks, I found these glide on very smoothly over your eye, no tugging at all. For days I need to run errands but loathe putting on my make up I pick up one of these sticks and in under a minute I have an easy casual eye. Great for on the go.

You can find two fabulous tutorials below. She mixes both brands for the extra pop.



  1. I use that bottom left Wet and Wild eyeshadow every single day. Sometimes lighter, sometimes darker but I use it every day. Love it.

  2. The quality of Wet n Wild products always amazes me. Despite the inexpensive price, they really perform well. Have you tried their nail polishes? I love them. Following you now, found you on the Loving Lately linky.


  3. following from the loving lately link up :D lovely blog would love a follow back :D x x x

  4. I love a good drugstore find :D

  5. I've been dying to try these. I keep walking past them and I never stop to look and/or buy them. Huge fan of Wet n Wild!!

    xoxo Amber