Monday, September 24, 2012

Newborn Essentials

I have been asked several times from friends in the past which newborn items are the best. Why they ask me I do not know, perhaps because Claire was colicky and I tried a ton of gadgets to help calm her down. Naturally each baby is different and most likely Tom who is due in 2 weeks will hate all the tricks I used with Claire, but we will see.

I realized this past weekend that Tom is due in just days and I am totally mentally unprepared. Ack! Here are some of the must have items on my list, not only to refresh my own memory, but to help any new moms out there, and a couple new items I want to try:

Moby Wrap. This is totally me Claire and Thomas. Although I will have not showered and Claire will be screaming.
I love the Moby Wrap mainly because the Bjorn hurt my back too much. The moby calmed Claire down super fast and I had my hands free to eat lunch over her head (while dropping crumbs on her) and write emails. Claire took many a nap in this thing and it was a staple wardrobe item.

Fisher Price Newborn Rock'n Play Sleeper

Claire slept in this thing for like 2 months. I carted this bad boy room to room so she could rest and I had some rest in between moby wrap sessions. What I loved the most is that she wasn't laying flat and sort of cradled her in snuggly. Claire had also refused to sleep flat anyways so this was a gem.

Activity Mat.
Once Claire hit about a month and a half this thing was her pal and gave me a break.

Sleep Sack Again a great addition helped with her sleep
Now a couple items I do want to try but not sure if I will purchase this round are:

Nap Nanny. Would be good to use while taking a shower


This thing just looks cool, and in person it moves really smooth. I actually want one for myself. jk. But it looks comfortable for baby.

There you have it. As you can see only a handful of items worked with Claire. We will see how this works for the newbie in the house. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Oh! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm totally new to this baby thing and lost on what I "need!"

    1. Hi Brittany,

      glad I could help! I walked into babies r us when I was pregnant with my first and was like woah. Totally overwhelmed. :)

  2. LOVED the Rock N Play. Didn't have it with Noah, but Cameron loved that thing. When he got sick and had a hard time breathing, it was nice that he was kinda propped up. I had an Ergo carrier and loved that thing...might have to borrow your Moby when you are done with it ;-)

  3. I love your Blog, Erin!! I totally want the Mamaroo just becasue it looks so mork and mindy would have totally had one of these for their illigitimate chind :)

    Congrats on Baby Tom! So excited for you!!!

    1. Yay glad you like the blog! its totally mork and mindy btw. Would love to do another Xmas get together btw if you guys are in town again this year!

      Thanks re baby Tom!

  4. The moby and sleepsacks were definitely two of my must haves! Love your blog! Look forward to following and reading some more ;]