Wednesday, October 31, 2012


As I sit home recovering from back surgery and adjusting to life with another newborn (funny how I forgot how hectic it is) I have become obsessed with all things popcorn. I am not talking about your microwave popcorn either! The pre made popcorn you can buy at Trader Joe's is by far better in my opinion than any microwave version. As with Garrett's from Chicago, however I don't live in Chicago any longer so have to order it online if I want any.

Anyways it had me thinking of trying to make my own fresh popcorn. I found these popcorn makers and now really want one.
Cuisinart Easy Pop         

Sur La Table has some great popcorn add ons as well. With seasoned salts and popcorn holders. You can find her: Popcorn Add Ons

As for recipes, one of my favorites I obtained when I went to an olive oil store once long time ago was to use fresh popcorn and then sprinkle salt, white truffle oil, and Parmesan cheese. It's so easy and so so so good if you like truffle oil.

Here are some more decadent recipes I found on Martha Stewart. I really am excited to try some of these this holiday season.

Martha Stewart Popcorn Ideas

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