Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spin in Style

I haven't written about exercise in a while mainly because I haven't been doing anything for the last couple of months. Let me just tell you I am antsy to get back to my ultimate favorite exercise, spinning. I actually spun up until I was 28 weeks pregnant and it made me feel great. I ended up giving it up obviously because my stomach got to big and it was uncomfortable, but I am so glad I kept with it until I was 7 months pregnant. Now a days I just move from the couch to bed but that's ok because I will be back to class hopefully by the end of December. Although I am not pressuring myself. I just miss it, I miss the teacher and her energy and I miss kicking my own butt and walking out stress free and ready to start my day.

I thought about spinning when I saw a Facebook post by Lululemon, they came out with an entire spin line of clothing! Awesome! It got me excited to go back to class but obviously in some new amazing workout gear. I am excited to get a new outfit for class and see if it makes a difference in my performance. Here are some of the highlights of the line!

I just think this photo is so inspiring!

Top Speed Tank I like how it is a little loose, good for multiple moves on the bike

Spin it to Win it Crop. I like the little flutter skirt, good for days when you are in the front row!

Spinerette Bra I like how its longer on the torso which will make transition from sitting to standing easier

Back to Class Jacket. Ok so you don't really need it for class but the collar is cute.
Water Bottle. Ok you can buy this anywhere but this type of bottle is perfect for class because you can sip straight from it while still on the go.


  1. I don't do spinning but I can wear some of these when doing yoga! :)


  2. I dont spin but you are making it look way fun!

  3. My college offers spinning classes at the gym and they are my absolute favorite! I'm even looking into getting certified so I can teach a class! I just love the water bottle!