Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy Jambalaya Recipe

Ok so I know Thanksgiving is this week hence this recipe. Actually I wouldn't say it is much of a recipe rather a let's empty out the fridge because we are going to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Plus I don't want to go grocery shopping until this weekend. I mainly wanted a chance to use my new stock pot/dutch oven what have you before the holiday. These things are amazing, I found mine at Marshall's for $59!
Anyways, I found a Jambalaya mix in my pantry and decided to go through and find other items I could dump into to make a meal. I have to say it actually turned out great, plus was super easy! Here it is, which is mainly common sense but here are the items I used. :)

My new awesome Dutch Oven, or Stock Pot

A little bit of Zataran's and Trader Joes Chicken sausage

Some Green Onion

A little bit of chopped tomato

Charlie waiting for some food to fall on the floor

Basically cook the sausage and Zataran mix and add the fresh ingredients at the end. WAY easy. Enjoy!

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