Monday, November 19, 2012

Exhausted Monday...Newborns for ya

I am so tired. so so tired. :) Our adorable 6 week old baby really loves to party it up all night long. I have been meaning to take some photographs on some fun cooking and decor ideas I have had lately, but the little man is making it a little hard. So as of now I have been searching for some sort of new contraption to get the dude to sleep at night. As of right now he is sleeping on my husband while my husband is half sitting up. Not very relaxing.

Our bassinet, the swing, nor the rock in play will work on Tom. If anyone has any ideas do let me know!

I have been eying this thing, and thought since he falls asleep on us if we could gently slide him over to this co-sleeper maybe that would work. It's the picking him up and putting him down that wakes him up in a frenzy.

Co Sleeper

So that is that, here is a snippet of my life lately:

Mr Mom in action

Tom awake at 5am ready to party down


  1. i bought that co-sleeper via craigslist. obviously i haven't used it yet but have read so much good about it. the idea of not having to physically move far to get your baby for night feedings sounds divine. i hope tom gets with the program soon! =)

    here's to mid-day naps! xx

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I too like the idea of not having to move very far. We may just have to purchase it!

  2. When I had my first child I waited three months waiting for her to fall into a schedule (which she never did!) My sister in law sent me "The Baby Whisperer" and it changed my life. I give it to everyone who has a baby. It works miracles, I tell ya. Miracles! My second child slept through the night at 12 weeks after I started him on the schedule at birth. I would marry that author if I could:)

    1. Ha! You know I have heard of that book, hilarious, you have totally sold me on it, I will try anything, am going to purchase it! This second baby is a lot more unpredictable than my first. ack. thank you so much!