Monday, November 12, 2012

Monthly Baby/Todder Clothing Subscription. YEA!

While I was browsing on Pinterest I kept coming across this site called WittleBee. Finally I went to the website and I am pretty excited.

WittleBee is a kids clothing club where each month you receive a box full of clothing for your child. The cost is $39 per month but you receive $100 worth of clothes! What is also nice is that it introduces you to brands you may not have heard of before. When you sign up you fill out a little profile for your child based on his/her color schemes, size, and pattern preferences.

I signed up today and am going to start a few months with Claire. If I love the service I will include Tom. Here is an example of how much you get in a box:

Pretty neat huh! You can find more information on WittleBee here:


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