Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wittle Bee Review

Um staying home with two kids under 2 is pretty exhausting. Ok I knew it was coming but wow I am tired. I get my picc line out tomorrow am so I am free to exercise. Yes tired and exercise don't really mix well but I want to start slowly getting into shape and start to lose this pregnancy weight and get strong again. I have about 20lbs to go so ya. I joined Weight Watchers with the hopes I will at least somewhat follow it this month and then really get into it in the new year. Me and everyone else :)

One thing that has been a good time saver is Wittle Bee. I mentioned this before that I wanted to try it and I took the plunge. I have to say its a really cool subscription. I am subscription addicted lately. For $39 dollars I received 4 really soft, well made long sleeve shrits, and 2 pair of nice pants. Seriously when I go to Target to shop for Claire I spend way more than $39 on 6 pair of clothing.

The site is fantastic you fill out the profile and the size and mention what you are looking to get your child. It also takes away the need to constantly shop for your growing child. Claire is in 2T now and is growing extremely fast for someone who is not even 2, I think she will be in 3T soon.  I have also received some good deals in my inbox for extra clothing items. All in all I say it is worth it to sign up for this program. Two thumbs up! To sign up just go to:

On another note if you are still doing some holiday shopping for others or yourself, (heh heh) Molton Brown one of my favorite bath and body companies is having 25% off this weekend only! Time for me to stock on up. Here is the link:  25% OFF Everything* at Molton Brown - Enter Code: FESTIVE5

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