Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I would like to lose 20lbs of my pregnancy weight. I have spent the last two years longing for my pre pregnancy clothes. ha ha. I finished my first week of Weight Watchers and I did ok. I have yet to weigh in but having tracked everything I am starting to feel good in my clothes, well my bigger sized clothes, I have a few months of this before I will be back to normal, but I am ok with it, as obviously it took me nine months to gain it all.

Last night Tom slept 7 hours straight. I have energy today it's a miracle! I am going to take this energy and try a spin class tonight. Fingers crossed, it's going to kick my butt but I am excited to get back to spin. I am going to weigh in tomorrow and really hope I have lost a pound or so.

I ventured out with both kids to the park for the first time alone. It went pretty good! I am going to push my luck and head out to Target this afternoon with these two, but first Tom goes to get his 2 month shots. He is already 2 months old, this is flying by. Hopefully I will leave with that Tracy Reese Blouse.

OMG we left the house, wow nature, fresh air wow. (what I imagine Claire saying when we went to the park)

Dear Santa, let me lose 20lbs

This is totally random but I was thinking of the last time I went to Vegas and here it is from 2005, been a while. (with random dude in background ha ah)


  1. Hi Erin!

    Stopping in to say thanks for linking up on followers to friends hop! I'm glad to return the follow :) The last picture gave me a good laugh!


  2. Oh I remember those days!!! Good for you on being brave! My youngest is nearly two and I'm having a hard time! Life is definitely easier but I'm struggling with the fact that my baby will be two!!

  3. Just followed via GFC on your site, Twitter, and Instagram. Would love a follow back.




  4. You are so funny!!! You have SO got this - you know how to do it, you've done it before! But, I want to ask Santa for the SAME thing LMAO!!! Cute pics!