Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spin Class and New URL!

Ok so don't laugh. In my first week of Weight Watchers I gained 5lbs. Whoops. I have NO idea how that happened. The only thing I can think of is that I started exercising again for the first time in months. I have been doing my Dailey Method and Physique 57 videos and was brave enough to tackle a spin class. I was sooo proud that I got the guts to go. I went to a teacher I had never gone to before and she was really hard. I took it easy as she was doing too many jumps for my back. While I feel great I am very careful until I am stronger because I had back surgery. So don't worry I am not going nuts. I just want to move again :)
 Here are the results from class, yes my heart rate was high but I also hadn't done cardio in a long time.

 Reminds me I need to invest in a new heart rate monitor because the one I have is on its last legs.

So enough about that yesterday I tried to get some shots of the kids together, is it me or is it incredibly tough to get your toddler to look at you for a photograph. I got Tom one of those monthly stickers to use on him and Claire kept trying to take it off and wear it herself.  Here is the best one I got:

On another note I finally got my own url! Hoorah! Well I have actually had it for a while but never brought the two accounts together. You can now just go straight to Pretty awesome. Tomorrow I am excited to share some finds I came across on Gap and Old Navy. I swear this is the time of year I shop the most because of all the deals. Until then....

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