Wednesday, October 31, 2012


As I sit home recovering from back surgery and adjusting to life with another newborn (funny how I forgot how hectic it is) I have become obsessed with all things popcorn. I am not talking about your microwave popcorn either! The pre made popcorn you can buy at Trader Joe's is by far better in my opinion than any microwave version. As with Garrett's from Chicago, however I don't live in Chicago any longer so have to order it online if I want any.

Anyways it had me thinking of trying to make my own fresh popcorn. I found these popcorn makers and now really want one.
Cuisinart Easy Pop         

Sur La Table has some great popcorn add ons as well. With seasoned salts and popcorn holders. You can find her: Popcorn Add Ons

As for recipes, one of my favorites I obtained when I went to an olive oil store once long time ago was to use fresh popcorn and then sprinkle salt, white truffle oil, and Parmesan cheese. It's so easy and so so so good if you like truffle oil.

Here are some more decadent recipes I found on Martha Stewart. I really am excited to try some of these this holiday season.

Martha Stewart Popcorn Ideas

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stella and Dot Sweepstakes

As I start to catch up on everything, I took a look at the Stella and Dot website to see what is going on with them. Clearly I haven't been actively selling their products but I did purchase some of their holiday collection in anticipation of the holiday shopping season and am so impressed with the pieces. On the homepage there is a sweepstakes so you too can win some of these awesome items.

Alice by Temperley is a British jewelery designer and shes jumped on the animal trend in jewelery. I own the fox ring and necklace and absolutely love them! Below is the link to enter for yourself. Or as always feel free to get your holiday shopping done via my link. No trunk show needed!

The contest is below on the homepage:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am Back....Well Sort of

What a freaking month. I had my baby on October 9th. Thomas James was 8lbs 12oz and healthy. After two days in the hospital I was able to come home to adjust to having 2 new kids. I felt great however 5 days after I started to suffer from extreme back pain that moved to a pressure headache. The headache was so intense I rushed to the ER. After a few days in the hosptial they finally figured out what the heck happened to me. I had an abscess growing on my spine from where I had my epidural as they saw in an MRI. I had meningitis but they weren't sure what type I had. While they let the cultures grow from the spinal tap I sat in the hospital with such intense pain I was on a iv drip of pain medication stronger than morphine. It was terrible! I could never be a drug addict, I was hallucinating and in and out of consciousness but without the pain meds I was miserable.

On Wednesday I started to feel ok so I took a walk, well apparently it caused the absess to start to spread and by 5pm that night I could no longer stand up. A few MRI's later they saw the abscess was growing and taking over my nerve endings in my hips and legs. I had to be rushed to emergency surgery or become paralyzed.

Next thing I remember I was in the recovery room. They got the entire abscess out, drained it and pumped my spine full of antibiocs. They were able to grow the infection and found it to be a type of staph infection. I am on an IV of antibiotics for four weeks to kill off the rest of the infection (although I think they got it all in surgery) and I am finally home resting.

The chance of this happening is about 1%. Such a freak thing but I am glad I rushed to the hospital once I felt something was off. I feel totally fine except from my incision point in my back and well my poor stomach from having a baby. Need to walk around to regain my muscle tone but I think in a few weeks I should start to feel like myself.

So that in a nutshell is where I have been, I can't wait to obsess about fun stuff again, you know get my priorities straight :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Online Barre Classes

I love Barre classes and cannot wait to get back to it. Will be great for my energy with a baby and a toddler. There are many companies and studios out there. I unfortunately don't live in a city where there are studios so obviously cannot attend a live class but I found a fabulous alternative.

While I am going to grow my dvd library of Barre classes, I came across a studio which offers online classes for $15 a month! It's a really cool idea. You have tons of classes to choose from, and different lengths of time depending on how much spare time you have. You can easily do this class from your iPhone, iPad, or home computer.

Here is the link for further information

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Or rather happy Friday evening. It's been a busy couple of days. I went for my final doctor's appointment on Thursday and due to the potential size of Tom (Claire was over 9lbs) we decided to go for an induction this upcoming Tuesday! I am so excited, but also nervous. So my blog entries may not be as robust or at all for a week or so until I get into a rhythm. Regardless here is my highlights from the week.

1. Claire and her daddy rooting on the Bears
2. Claire has been using her baby monitor as a telephone lately
3. Vintage Nik shooting guns
4. I was reading town and country magazine that my mom gave to me and saw this ad. Love this little girls outfit.
5. A throwback photo of my sister and I in Washington DC. We are only two years apart, I am the one who is ridiculously tall, and apparently angry ha.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spin in Style

I haven't written about exercise in a while mainly because I haven't been doing anything for the last couple of months. Let me just tell you I am antsy to get back to my ultimate favorite exercise, spinning. I actually spun up until I was 28 weeks pregnant and it made me feel great. I ended up giving it up obviously because my stomach got to big and it was uncomfortable, but I am so glad I kept with it until I was 7 months pregnant. Now a days I just move from the couch to bed but that's ok because I will be back to class hopefully by the end of December. Although I am not pressuring myself. I just miss it, I miss the teacher and her energy and I miss kicking my own butt and walking out stress free and ready to start my day.

I thought about spinning when I saw a Facebook post by Lululemon, they came out with an entire spin line of clothing! Awesome! It got me excited to go back to class but obviously in some new amazing workout gear. I am excited to get a new outfit for class and see if it makes a difference in my performance. Here are some of the highlights of the line!

I just think this photo is so inspiring!

Top Speed Tank I like how it is a little loose, good for multiple moves on the bike

Spin it to Win it Crop. I like the little flutter skirt, good for days when you are in the front row!

Spinerette Bra I like how its longer on the torso which will make transition from sitting to standing easier

Back to Class Jacket. Ok so you don't really need it for class but the collar is cute.
Water Bottle. Ok you can buy this anywhere but this type of bottle is perfect for class because you can sip straight from it while still on the go.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving Lately...Stella and Dot's Holiday Lineup

Yes I am a stylist for Stella and Dot however even if I weren't I would still be in love with this new holiday collection. It's not a ton of pieces but it they will sure make a statement at any holiday party, and make some incredible gifts.

I am all about the big bold statement necklace's but I am also into this new animal trend in jewelry. Not only that but have you seen brands like Tory Burch that are coming out with tech wallets? It's ingenious and I am pumped that Stella and Dot jumped on this bandwagon. I always lug around my phone with my wallet but now brands are making wallets that actually fit your phone inside!

So here is a peek inside Stella and Dot's collection. Right now they are promoting Breast Cancer Awareness month with some fabulous items where all net proceeds are going to cancer research. Links to both the holiday collection and the Breast Cancer Awareness collection are below. If you live in the area and are interested in hosting a trunk show let me know, there are tons of incentives and free jewelry for hosting and it's so easy. If not and you just want to shop just go to my link at

Here are the links to view some of the favorites below:

Holiday Collection:

Breast Cancer Awareness: 

and here is the fabulous Holiday LookBook 

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Chocolate Recipe to Pass the Time

Ok so don't laugh but I was watching Dr Oz while I was resting last week and he had a food blogger on, you can see her blog here: Bran Appetit. Anyways this woman is my kind of cook. She rarely if at all uses an oven and makes food super fast. On the show they were making these greek yogurt cheesecake cups in chocolate that looked incredible. I decided to tackle this recipe this weekend and it did not disappoint!

But just as a disclaimer I naturally messed a part of the instructions up, I added all the chocolate to the base of the cupcake and as I was reading the part to drizzle some on top to make it like a peanut butter like cup, Nik was already licking the chocolate bowl so we had to make due.

Here is the recipe: Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Cups

1. So we have some simple ingredients: Chocolate Chips, cream cheese, powdered sugar, plain greek yogurt, and lemon (I used lemon zest instead of orange)

 2. First you want to take about a cup and a half of chocolate chips and melt in the microwave per instructions. (sorry about the blur, working with a new lens)

 3. Then you want to place the melted chocolate into the cupcake liners and move them up the edges, as you can see I put way too much in. whoops.

 4. While the chocolate cools in the fridge you want to mix together the powdered sugar and cream cheese

 5. Then add some lemon zest and plain greek yogurt and mix everything together.

 6. Once everything is mixed you want to dump a spoonful or so into each chocolate cup and then, as instructions say, place more chocolate on top. I ran out :)

7. let it sit in the fridge for a while then you are ready to eat them. Mine were really messy and too thick on the bottom. (I am such an awesome chef). but they did taste amazing and was so easy to make. enjoy!