Friday, January 25, 2013

Anthropologie for the soul

Happy Friday, yay another week down! I am going to dinner with some girlfriends and am very excited since I don't get out much. What are all your plans? Next week we are heading to Carmel for our first trip with the new baby. This should be interesting, and hopefully a smooth ride.

So lets get right to it I have always loved Anthropologie. I try to never go though because the second I enter the store I stand there and ooh and ahh about every single item. It's bad because I literally want everything. I feel like they created this store just for me. So I try not to go, sort of Anthropologie AA if you will.

 I am still in between sizes (although feeling much better and getting in better shape, hoorah!) My fabulous friends were in town and while one poor thing had food poisoning and was resting on the couch, my other  friend and I decided to go to Anthro because well I was loving all her clothes and wanted to get me some. Plus its so much more fun to shop with friends than your husband who stands around looking at his watch and telling you to hurry up. ha ha.

I tried on a ton of items, but only walked out with two because I just can't spend that much. I am however obsessing over the blue and striped tops below and I didn't know Anthro had their own brand of jeans, or jeans made for them. Pilco jeans. I tried them on and they were SOOOOO comfortable, must be the spandex, it just moves with you. I didn't walk out with a pair but I can't stop thinking about them which means I need to go back and get them. I am thinking a good bootcut pair, I am sort of over the skinny jeans look for now.

Anyways item 6 and 7 came home with me :) and the rest is what I am hopefully going back for soon! Any other favorites at Anthropologie that I don't know about?


anthro by erinjford featuring pilcro

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