Monday, January 14, 2013

Hana Flat Iron Review and 3 Months Postpartum Style Ideas

Oh yes it is Monday once again. sigh. Why do these weekends just fly by? I had a nice time relaxing and stayed strong to my no drinking wine for 3 weeks plan. It was really hard though, because with it so chilly outside I really wanted to relax with a good bottle. But I look forward to some wine this upcoming weekend because I have some good friends in town so I can hold out until then.

Anyways I was playing around with my new Canon lens and decided to do a review of the flat iron so graciously gifted to me by

I haven't owned a new flat iron since 2004 so it had been a long time. I have naturally curly hair so it takes a good amount of flat ironing to get my hair stick straight. This time I went for a look that had a little bit of body to it and the Hana did not disappoint! It smoothed out my hair but without making the ends look totally dead like my old iron does. Plus it was totally lightweight.

Blazer: Jcrew, old, Scarf: Target, old, Anchor top: Target Bracelet and earrings: Stella and Dot

Jacket: Lululemon, earrings: Stella and Dot

Funny taking pictures of myself. Anyways I find that the loose tops at target and lululemon jackets are perfect for that post pregnant body. I have at least 20lbs to go to get back to a normal weight but I find transition pieces like these dressed up with shoes and jewelry are key to feeling somewhat normal. Investing in cheaper pieces at Target doesn't make me feel guilty either when I know I am not at a permanent weight.

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