Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent Fitness Clothing Buys

New Year new me! Well I don't really believe in resolutions, but rather detox from the holidays. The holidays are a ton of fun, but I am excited to not have any real plans in the near future and really focus on getting back in shape. To start the year off right I decided to finally buy new workout tops and a new pair of groove pants. I really sometimes hate buying exercise clothing because of the cost, but when you get a good quality piece its so worth it.

Two brands I love are Lululemon and Zobha. Both are equal in quality and price, however I noticed that Zobha has better online sales and promotions. The first two items are from Lululemon and the second two are from Zobha. they are all super comfortable and come with a built in sports bra. I got my Zobha tops on sale for around $39 bucks! Same quality as Lululemon so I really recommend if you need a few items on sale...

Any other brands I should be aware of?

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