Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Wittle Bee Review

Claire will be 2 on Sunday and we are just as a family going for pizza and the zoo, maybe make a cake at home. I am thinking I may start real birthday parties when she is 3 and in preschool for a bit. I figure at 1 and 2 they don't really get it so we will just do a fun little activity together rather than a party.

Lately she's been into hiding under coffee tables so we got her a little princess tent she can sit in rather than under the tables. She can force feed tea to Charlie the pug in there, as she likes to do to the poor guy. Dogs don't like tea.

However what she really needs are some new clothes. I feel like each week I am constantly moving her clothing into the giveaway bins. She's almost now in a full 3T, shes pretty tall. 2T fits but its at the point where if I bought something in 2T it would maybe only last another month. With that said we got our latest WittleBee box just in time, however it's still in 2T. What is nice though is that you can update the sizing at any point, so it was a good reminder to do so for February.

WittleBee is great because you literally get 5-6 basic items each month for much less than if I were going to go shopping at Target (although I still do)  

The selection this month was great and we received our first sweater! My favorite item though is the cute moon drawing the constellations Tshirt ironically by one of my husbands favorite brands Thredless.

You can join WittleBee here: Sign Up

My little model in the Thredless T shirt and Wittlebee leggings


  1. Get out of town! I have never heard of this company!!! So excited to head over and see what they offer for boys! Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. hmmm it might just be on my end, but all the links seem to be broken?

  2. I use to subscribe to Wittlebee. I'm not a fan of them. They are so wishy washy and there have been so many complaints about them but you will not see them on their public profiles because they delete them. I would have stayed around if I would have received boxes like that. I noticed that the best boxes went to people who were going to blog about it.
    I love that Trish Scully top.