Monday, February 4, 2013

Kids and Life Balance

What do you do when your kids schedules get in the way of your blogging goals? Not that they are in the way, they are awesome, its time for serious work/life balance here. First of all it's tough staying home alone with two kids under 2 all day. I find it so much harder to stay at home than when I went to work everyday. Tom wants me to hold him all day long and screams bloody murder if I put him down, meanwhile Claire is destroying the house and not getting enough of my time. At the same time I want to carve out some me time for working out and blogging.

By the time Nik gets home I am off to exercise and then exhausted to do anything with my blog. Blogging is set aside for times where they are both asleep (which is rare) or on the weekends. Weekends are also hard because I need to plan my content better if I am to do a week of blogging over the weekends.  Ahhh just a lot to figure out.

What made me realize I don't have a great work/life balance is that I had a fabulous weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea with some good friends from Chicago and we brought the kids for Tom's first trip out of town. It was a ton of fun catching up and hearing stories from my old job and hearing how everyone is doing. It was also extremely exhausting because Claire was having tons of temper tantrums in town (aka laying on the sidewalk and screaming) and Tom was well, a 4 month old :)

I will have some pictures soon, but I will admit, I was sort of sad when my friends left back to Chicago. I miss living in Chicago as well as San Francisco, really a major city, and working. I miss interacting with adults during the day and yes managing accounts. I love that I can stay home at the moment but I got a little nostalgic.

If anything it made me realize that I need to carve out some time to blog because I find it makes me happy and keeps the stress level down with two kids or babies.

I know this post is more wordy than usual but whatever. I will say the moby wrap is a god send if you want free hands with your baby, I highly recommend as I am wearing Tom as I type. But that is enough of that... this weekend is Claire's 2nd birthday and I really cannot wait. Mainly because we are going to the zoo to celebrate! Time surely has flown by.

What are your ways to unwind now that you have kids?

Claire throwing down because she wants to leave... and my husband the baby whisperer


  1. I'm with you...sometimes it is so hard to find the balance of blog and life. Like right now, I should be writing content for my blog tomorrow. But I just don't have it in me. I'd rather read everyone else's post from today :)

  2. Unwind---doesn't happen much:) I love to read other blogs to unwind, keeps me inspired and realize that we all have hectic lives with little ones! Have a great second birthday!