Monday, February 25, 2013

Recent Purchases to Help with Sleep Training

Thomas the non napper
Lately Claire has been coming to me with her sippy cup asking for her naps. Weird right, almost too good to be true. But I am just going to go with it. Tom on the other hand love his naps, but only if you stay still and he sleeps on you for a couple hours. Not exactly possible, or productive. As Tom approaches his 5th month I am bringing out the big guns to start his sleep training.
Tom has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room and will be transitioned to his crib at night next month. For now I want to teach him to sleep in his crib for his naps. I had yet to buy all the gadgets to assist with his crib sleeping until this week and naps before were pretty short and pointless. Since I have purchased these products I think the noise level is soothing enough to drown out the noises that come with a barking dog and giddy toddler.

A good mobile. We bought a cheap one for Claire and it was more a decoration than a helpful sleep aid. This time I wanted something with high reviews on Amazon. This mobile projects a light show, with sounds and music along with moving animals. This has put Tom in a trance so I can sneak out of his room. So far so good! You can find this here: Mobile

This sound machine is incredible! It is loud enough to drown out the sounds, but also can attach to your ipod for music! Plus has a night light. Going to purchase this for Claire's room too! You can find here: Sound Machine

This is a great monitor. We bought Claire the Motorola Video monitor and it constantly loses battery juice and gets too hot to the touch. The video monitors also put your mind at ease when you begin to sleep train. Summer Infant Monitor

What is sleep without some soft sheets. I love these because they are very soft, but also helps when the baby is small helps to keep them cozy. You can find here: Sheets
And finally a good old sleep sack. I don't use crib bumpers or sheets for Tom's safety so I find a nice sleep sack also helps them to get nice and cozy.  Halo Sleep Sack
Since I have all these awesome gadgets in place I can say I got Tom to take 2 naps in his crib, each for a little over an hour. Before was ten minutes so we are making progress. Any other tricks you use to help transition baby to crib? Friday I got both Tom and Claire to take a nap at the same time and then I didn't know what to do with myself but was able to catch up on the Bachelor. ahhhh first relaxation in a while. Cheers to naps!

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  1. Love that little sound machine. Very nifty! I tended to go the opposite route; my kids were accustomed to noise at an early age (hubby is a musician). The benefit was that I didn't have to worry about keeping things quiet for the sleeping babies.

    Lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils are also very effective at calming and soothing. Both are gentle enough for babies as well. You might want to try those.