Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RMS Beauty Review

Have you seen the Joyus site? I am so addicted to watching the health and beauty videos, but I also may just be a big sucker. :) One beauty product they have featured is from RMS beauty.

 My sister in law actually turned me onto this brand when she gave me the lip tint, the illuminizer and a couple cream eyeshadows for Christmas. I love them all! I also have been wearing them non stop since I received them in December and I feel like I have barely put a dent in the products. Joyus does an incredible job at describing how these products work and how they are all natural. The eyeshadow last all day long, and transfer flawlessly.

You can find the video reviews here: Joyus

I am wearing the eyeshadow in this photo, very light and somewhat iridescent
I feel like these items will last me the entire year! Definitely highly recommend if you want some great day wear make up.

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  1. Haven't heard of the products but your makeup looks great! Ur skin is glowing!