Monday, March 4, 2013

Amazing Weather and Lucky Fabb Event

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It was gorgeous weather here so we took advantage and played Tennis. It was hilarious and sad at the same time because my husband and I are pathetic. Naturally they gave us the center court where everyone could see us. I just hope not one was paying attention. I decided to commit to some tennis lessons before it is blazing hot and attempt to play as much as I can because once we did get a rally going it was actually quite fun.

Then we came home and sat outside and had some beers while Claire danced around in some star sunglasses she found. You go girl.

I also decided to apply to the Lucky Fabb conference in Los Angeles in April. Well today got my little invite and am pretty pumped! I have yet to attend any sort of blogging conference or meet other bloggers. I am in huge debate as to whether I should attend, but I literally will not know anybody. Is anyone going and want to meet up? Is the conference a good learning experience? Since Tom is still young I would only be able to stay Thursday and drive home Friday after the conference. Next year I would probably make it a weekend event to see all my friends, although perhaps I can sneak in some friend time Thursday night. In any regards I would love to meet/talk/get cocktails with anyone attending! I should know if I am for sure going to go this week!

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  1. The conference sounds fun!!! I bet you will be surprised once you're there and meet other bloggers, you'll probably end up meeting so many people you already kind of "know"!