Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eccelctic Wall Decor Inspiration

I really can't believe it is Wednesday, where is this week going?! We got a new computer (finally) over the weekend so I have been slow to update it with all my programs hence the late week blog post. We also did get the gardening done in the backyard and I will have pictures soon, it looks awesome! But it got me thinking of redoing our media room which has been on my mind for months now.

Currently the room is a deep red color and a very casual type of room it is where we mainly hang out to watch tv and relax, plus there are tons of kids toys all over. Picture below

I have been using Pinterest and Etsy for my new media room inspiration. Firstly we will be painting that red color (which is driving me crazy right now) to a very neutral beige and getting a new smaller side table, some nice baskets to store kids toys and my favorite part is redesigning the wall behind the couch. I love the look of an eccelctic wall and it is so easy to do for a relatively cheaper cost when you get creative and use sites like Etsy and HomeGoods. Below is some inspiration! I think it makes any room fresh and modern and shows a ton of your own personality based on which pieces you choose and there are no rules which is the best part! I really love the vintage frames you can purchase on Etsy, all you need to do to complete it is get glass and backboard at Michael's which isn't expensive.

Image inspiration c/o Caitlin Wilson Design

1.Michelle Lisa Treasure
2. Vintage Deerhead
3. Pixie Pixels
4. Made By Girl
5. Sea Love and Salt

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