Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Family Photo Ready Spring Style

 1. Old Navy Fedora for Baby 2. Circle Eyelet Tank 3. Scalloped Trim Eyelet Skirt 4. T Strap Daisy Sandal
5. Twill Bucket Hat 6. Neon Gingham Bodysuit 7. Twill Trousers 8. Canvas Slip on Sneaker

We have our annual family pictures coming up in April and while it drives my husband bonkers that I insist we take pictures, I love it. I mainly love it because I can fill our hallway with different family portraits and see how the kids grow. With that said my most favorite part is finding outfits for Claire. I don't normally dress her up all fancy every day, mainly because I have to tackle her to get dressed in the morning and she just discovered how to take her clothes off. That's another issue. Anyways I love Gap kids and I only buy their clothing on special occasions. Family portraits are one of those occasions.

In keeping with the spring tradition I am going for a yellow and blue theme. The kids can be more lively as they are the center of attention. Below are some ideas for adults!

1. Stella and Dot Kimberly Necklace 2. BR Silk pleat-front Blouse 3. Banana Republic Indigo Denim Trouser 4. Tom Wedges 5. BR Gingham Soft-wash Shirt 6. BR Straight fit soft wash Jean 7. Logan Sneaker

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