Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Guinness Chocolate Floats on

 THANK GOD its Friday! :) I hope everyone had a funtastic week. I for sure did. I hosted the monthly neighborhood girls party at my house Wednesday and well yesterday I was dying. First hangover with two kids, that was hard. I went to Claire's first swim lessons in my pajamas yesterday and let Nik put her swimsuit on and she came out and he pretty much had it on backwards ha ha. Oh well you live and you learn, thankfully hangovers are far and few between these days.

But speaking of alcohol I always read the Glitter Guide, Its such a fun site to get recipes, read interviews on successful women, and learn about fashion trends (so maybe pj's aren't  in style for daytime now). They highlighted this Guinness Float which would be perfect for St Patrick's Day. (a holiday which in my opinion is only fun in Chicago). BUT I am tempted to try it and see how it tastes. I will report back.

I also was wishing The Dailey Method was here in Fresno. I miss this studio so much, the videos are good but obviously nothing is better than in person. I constantly check to see if they are opening a studio here. I personally would love to open one, but I have no dance background and well the classes are so hard, there is no way I could be an instructor. Any takers?! :) I will work the front desk.

Tomorrow is the annual Breakfast at Tiffany's event put on by the Junior League of Fresno which I joined this year. I have to say I really really like this group of women an love what they do for the community. I will be manning the silent auction tables I believe and may bid on an item or two. Excited to dress up and will get some pictures from the event to share.

Doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Those Guiness floats look AMAZING! And I can't wait to see pics of the JL looks fun!


  2. I went to a Tiffany's themed birthday party this weekend! It was so fun.

    Stopping by to say hello. I'm also sponsoring Shanna this month. I'm your newest follower :)

  3. Hello!! found you from Shanna's blog, so happy!! cant wait to read more