Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Computer...Funny Finds..Coupon Roundup

So over the past weekend I received my parents awesome desktop computer that they never use and it's amazing. But while I was looking through the pictures I started laughing hysterically at the above shots. What a bunch of goons. We were on a hike in Carmel and Nik and I were in town from Chicago for a friends wedding. I just think its hilarious because we pretty much rolled out of bed and went walking and my dad looks super annoyed. This is a framer! I am also now thinking of cutting my hair short again, not as short as these photos, but def shorter.

With all that said Zobha another fabulous workout apparel store is having $15 bucks off their pants. With the new pant shortage at Lululemon this is a good thing...Zobha Deal You can go hiking in something cuter than what we all wore.
I also found this picture taken when I lived in San Francisco. It is crazy how fast time flies. I still cannot believe I left the city 5 years ago. Just crazy

Here are some other good deals I found going on this week, happy shopping!

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