Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Dress Fever

Ok so I don't actually have spring dress fever but I have been shopping for dresses lately because I actually have a few events coming up. I am a part of the Junior League here in town and have my first fundraiser event next saturday! Then I have another black tie party in April, along with my sisters wedding in June.

for the fundraiser I wanted to go a little more casual since it is a breakfast affair. The amazing people over at eShaki gifted me this gorgeous print dress that looks almost identical to the one above (the one I have is not on the site any longer). The site is really fabulous, you can customize any dress in terms of length and sleeves. You can also custom order according to your measurements. I went straight for a size rather than any customizations and the dress fit perfectly. When I received the dress I was skeptical about the quality. But it came in a silk like material, was lined, and very well made. For the price point they are totally worth it. Plus having a little retro flair is nice too. You can find this dress here Print Dress. Such cute little day dresses. I will post pics from the event in the dress soon!

So this is a funny story. I went into my closet the other day while the kids were napping and was like oh I should try on the black dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner see if it fits. UM not even close. It was a pull over dress and once I got it on I couldn't get it off! I was stuck, like the Incredible Hulk stuffed into this dress. It took me 20 mintues to get out of it without ripping it apart. I pictured myself laying in the closet with this too tight dress on taking care of the kids till Nik got home to cut me out of it. Wow, terrible but at the same time hilarious. Will never try that again. So as you can see I need a new dress for these black tie events.

I went with the Kate Spade because it is A-Line and I can pair it with my fave Stella and Dot bib Necklace

I ordered two sizes just to see where I fall but I figure it's black and I can wear it multiple times rather than having to buy two new dresses. Just change things up with the fun heels and jewelry! Here is to not getting stuck in these dresses! Below are the links!

Kate Spade Carol Dress
Kate Spade Sage Heels

PS is anyone going to Lucky FABB in Los Angeles this year? Debating if I should apply to attend and get a babysitter, would love to meet some other bloggers if I do go!


  1. I got this exact dress! I love it!


  2. I can not wait for spring and I love that bib necklace!

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