Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vacationing on a Budget....Vacation Homes

Can you do this in a hotel room?

or this?

 I think not. When I was living in Chicago most of my friends were living in California or New York so when I was planning my bachelorette party  I could not for the life of me find a hotel that would be affordable for everyone. Plus thinking about running through the halls to get to other rooms seemed stupid. Then what I always forget to think about when you have a group is to rent a house! Duh, I had always done it in Lake Tahoe or Sonoma with friends, so why not a house in the big city of Chicago?!

A gaggle of girls

When we got the house my friends and I had a blast! The place was huge, and for the 3 night stay it was about $150 per person total! Ridiculously affordable and so much better than a hotel, it just made the experience that much better. It has also stuck with me for future travel.

Now my family lives all over the place. My In-laws are out in Illinois and my sister and my sister-in-law are down in San Diego. It's great to visit them but if we were all going to get together well that would be pretty tough to stay at someone's house. This upcoming holiday season we are considering staying in a rented cottage either in Santa Barbara or Temecula. We plan to wine taste, and relax in a living room or yard without having to order drinks or deal with lobbies. With 3 kids it will be fabulous, making the trip a little less chaotic and relaxed.

Dwellable is a great site to consider for your vacation rental needs. There are tons of houses on the site and it's growing as the popularity of vacation rentals increases. They recently came out with an app for the iPhone and iPad, perfect for someone like me who literally has one hand free most of the day with the baby. It is incredibly easy to navigate and decide where to travel. There are over 80,000 rentals nationwide to look through. I have searched for some houses in Santa Barbara and am impressed with the information they provide on pricing, contact information and pictures. Pictures are key! Here is more information about it

Here is a house I am wanting right now :)

There are tons of vacation rental sites out there but I love this app. I do most of my searching from my phone anyways, and have a few favorites saved. I cannot wait for my next vacation with family or good friends! Just thinking about my bachelorette party is making me laugh and that house was the best thing we've ever done!


  1. Definitely going to have to check this out -- hotels are insanely overpriced! Thanks for sharing :)

    -- Emily @

  2. Haha! Very cute! It's true--you can't crawl on the kitchen island in a hotel room!